Staining, Faux Graining, Plasters, and Texturing

CMP has endless stains for both interior and exterior projects. From exterior decks to interior cabinets and banisters.  We can even create faux wood grain finishes of virtually any wood type for doors, book cases and more.

CMP can do a wide variety of decorative plaster finishes, from a European old world look to a sleek urban contemporary style. We have many different high polish finishes such as Venetian plasters, which leave your walls or ceilings looking extraordinary with a marble like glow.

We also apply standard textures such as skip trowel, orange peel, and smooth level 4 and 5 walls and ceilings.  We remove out dated acoustic ceiling, dry wall installation and taping and texturing of all types.

Staining, Faux Graining, Plasters, and Texturing Work